RESPOND: Partnering for Campus Mental Health

Now more than ever, mental health is an important topic. We are seeing significant increases in depression, anxiety and suicidal thinking among college students. We often hear from our community members that they want to help but are afraid to make things worse, violate someone’s boundaries, or simply that they don’t know how to help.

RESPOND is designed to help you recognize when mental health concerns arise, offer effective and compassionate support, hold your boundaries and make appropriate referrals. The course provides a basic overview of symptoms often associated with mental health problems and offers an action plan to help you RESPOND effectively.

Please register for a course consistent with your role on campus. Faculty and staff training dates are also open to graduate students who are employed in an assistantship.

Cancellation deadline is one week prior to the training start date. Cancellation after the cancellation deadline or not showing up for the training will incur a fee of $75, billed to your department. In case of emergency cancellation, please contact Kathleen Claxton at 573-882-4634.

Upcoming Workshops to be Announced

For faculty, staff and graduate assistants
Register for RESPOND

RESPOND is a program developed at the MU Counseling Center after gathering feedback from several schools in Missouri. Schools ranged from a small rural state school to Mizzou, with 35,000 students.

The program is designed to teach the campus community (students, faculty and staff) how to recognize and respond to mental health concerns. It is designed with the intention that it will be facilitated by mental health professionals.

To assist the Counseling Center, our teaching team includes counselors, public health professionals, and other student affairs partners.

RESPOND stands for:

  • Recognize signs
  • Empathize
  • Share concerns
  • Pose open questions
  • Offer hope
  • Navigate resources and policy
  • Do self-care

The course is designed to be interactive about 70% of an eight-hour day. The course should be facilitated by a mental health professional, with or without the assistance of a faculty or staff member.

The program can be customized for each school. The PowerPoint presentation has templates for local resource and policy slides. Printed materials can be customized by each campus. There are several brief videos demonstrating skills.

For a one-time fee of $1,200 you will receive teaching notes, all videos, PowerPoint presentation, handouts and activities. We are licensing only to counseling centers, so no additional training or certification is required to teach on your campus.