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The Counseling Center assists students in learning to cope with emotional, social and academic concerns interfering with their success while at MU. Our services include individual psychotherapy; group therapy; crisis intervention; psycho-educational workshops; outreach presentations; consultation to students, faculty, staff and parents; and psychological and educational testing.

Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists and counselors, psychological residents, psychological interns, and masters and doctoral level graduate students in psychology.


Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at the MU campus is eligible for services. Therapy length is tailored to your needs within a brief therapy model. Group therapy may be an option for brief or long-term counseling.  Students must be enrolled in the term during which they seek services. Consultation and outreach services are available for students, faculty and staff.


Counseling, outreach programs and consultation services are offered at no additional charge. A portion of student fees are allocated to the Counseling Center in order to support these services. Additional fees may be associated with some tests offered through Testing Services. Call the Testing Services Office at 573-882-4801 for specific fee information.


Information shared with a therapist is legally and ethically considered confidential; it will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Counseling Center without your written permission. This means the Center will not provide information, including whether or not you are a client at the Center, to your parents or any university office without your written permission. Your Counseling Center records are not part of your student record.

There are important exceptions to confidentiality based on Missouri law. We are legally and ethically obligated to intervene, including breaking confidentiality, if we believe you are an immediate and serious danger to yourself or to others; we are required to take necessary steps to keep you safe and to warn anyone you plan to harm. We are also required to report, including breaking confidentiality, any disclosure of ongoing child or abuse of a vulnerable adult.

If you have specific concerns or questions about confidentiality, feel free to call the Center and talk to a therapist about this or discuss it when you come for an initial assessment appointment.


The initial assessment appointment is scheduled by calling, 573-882-6601 or coming in to the Counseling Center at 119 Parker Hall. If your situation is an emergency, you may request to see the on call crisis clinician.

Initial Assessment Session

When you arrive for your scheduled assessment interview, you will first be asked to complete a packet of information. This usually takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. Next, you will meet with a therapist for up to an hour. The therapist will explore your concerns, background information, and what you hope to gain from counseling.

Ask the therapist any questions you have about our services or confidentiality policy. The primary purpose of the assessment interview is to ascertain whether or not the Center is a good fit for your current needs, and if so, which services are most appropriate (e.g., individual counseling, group counseling etc).

If the Center is not a good fit for your needs, you will be offered referrals to other campus resources or agencies within the community. The therapist will discuss his or her recommendations with you, answer any questions, and tell you the next step in the process.

Counseling Information and Consent for Treatment


Counselors are available during business hours to provide phone or in person consultation to students, faculty, staff, parents and friends concerned about an MU student.