The Counseling Center provides a range of services designed to help students navigate life challenges while in college.  We offer skill building workshops, group therapy, brief individual therapy, referral services and 24/7 crisis support. Our outreach initiatives empower students to develop and maintain good mental health. We also serve the larger campus through consultation, training and responding to campus during challenging times.

Our professional staff includes licensed psychologists and counselors, licensed social workers, psychological residents, psychological interns and doctoral level graduate students in psychology.

Eligibility for Treatment

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at the MU campus is eligible for evaluation and crisis support. Please see our Scope of Care statement for more information about our range of services.

Crisis & Consultation

Any MU student who is unable to cope on their own today can access crisis support by phone 24/7 or in person at the Counseling Center.  Anyone who is concerned about an MU student can access consultation 24/7 or call our office at 573-882-6601. Please call and speak to an on-call counselor prior to presenting in person.


A portion of student fees are allocated to the Counseling Center in order to support counseling services.


Information shared with a therapist is legally and ethically considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone including your parents or any university office without your written permission or as required by law. Your Counseling Center records are not part of your academic record.


Please call our office 573-882-6601 to schedule an initial evaluation. If you are unable to cope on your own today, you may request to see the on call crisis clinician. Crisis support is available by phone 24/7 by calling 573-882-6601.

Initial Evaluation Session

The purpose of the initial evaluation is to assess your current needs and what services are most appropriate (e.g., workshop, group, individual, counseling, referral, etc). At the evaluation you will  complete a questionnaire and meet with a therapist to explore your concerns, background information, and what you hope to gain from counseling.

If the Center is not a good fit for your needs, we will offer referrals to other campus resources or community providers.