MU Counseling Center is proud to support the campus community in a variety of ways. Program requests need to be submitted at least two weeks in advance (excluding grief and crisis support). Submission of an event does not constitute confirmation. Counseling Center staff will contact you within 3 business days to confirm or discuss your request.

Emotional Support

If you are hosting an event on campus that is likely to be emotionally challenging for some participants, for example topics such as suicide, mental illness, sexual assault, abuse, or mental illness; please contact the Counseling Center to discuss the need for professional emotional support at your event. Counseling Center staff will provide you with instructions for where to place emotional support staff and how to introduce the staff at the start of your event.

Grief or Crisis Support

Counseling Center staff are available to support your class, house, hall, or other student group when significant events occur. Contact Kerri Schafer at 573-882-6601 to discuss how our staff can best provide support and meet students’ needs. Two weeks notice is NOT required.

Workshops and Trainings