Workshops and Training

Take Action for a Friend (Student)

Take Action for a Friend is a 90 minute workshop designed to empower members of our campus community to effectively support one another when emotional challenges arise. You will learn how to recognize that someone may be experiencing emotional pain and how you can provide effective support. You will also learn how to access appropriate campus resources. Projector, screen, and sound must be provided.

Take Action to Stop Suicide

Take Action to Stop Suicide is a 90 minute workshop focused on recognizing signs that someone may be considering suicide and concrete steps to gather information and assist the person in getting appropriate professional help. Projector, screen, and sound must be provided.

RESPOND: Partnering for Campus Mental Health

RESPOND: Partnering for Campus Mental Health is an 8 hour workshop designed to teach you how to respond to someone in distress. You will learn signs and symptoms associated with common mental health problems. Additionally, you will learn and practice concrete skills for showing empathy, listening effectively, understanding the situation, and making appropriate referrals. RESPOND is offered to faculty and staff several times per year, register at RESPOND is offered for students when we have a sponsoring student organization. To sponsor a RESPOND training complete the request a program form above.

Introduction to the Counseling Center

Our staff can provide an introduction to the Center and our services in a 15-30 minute discussion. Alternately, you are welcome to share the video on our student services page as a 7 minute introduction to the Center.

Managing Stress & Test Anxiety

Managing Stress & Test Anxiety is a 45 minute presentation designed to help students better understand stress & test anxiety, and to develop simple skills for coping more effectively. This is a peer to peer presentation offered in collaboration with Active Minds. Request this program.

Customized Workshops and Presentations

If you are looking for a specific presentation related to mental health, stigma, or resilience please contact our office to discuss. We are often able to work with you to create a workshop that fits your needs. We may also know of another resource on campus that is already providing the workshop you wish to host.