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Strategies for Combatting Homesickness

Acknowledge that you are feeling homesick.

This is a common response for many students who leave home.

Talk with others about your experience.

It may be helpful to talk with someone who has been through a similar change. For example, talk to an older sibling or friend who has gone away from home.

Get to know your new environment.

Walk around campus and downtown Columbia. Become familiar with the setting. Share what you learn about this community with friends and family from home.

Take care of yourself.

It is important to get enough sleep and eat well. Proper nutrition and rest are critical aspects of both physical and emotional well being.

Join a student group.

The more your feel part of campus life, the less homesick you will feel. MU has over 400 recognized student organizations. For a list of these groups, visit: the MU Organization Resource Group website.

Try to establish a routine.

This will help to create a sense of stability and normalcy.

Keep in touch with friends and family from home but place a limit on telephone usage.

Let them know about the new experiences that you are having at MU.

Stay in Columbia as much as possible.

Avoid making impulsive trips home on the weekends.

Set a goal to approach one new person a day and introduce yourself.

Consider asking people from your residence hall to join you for dinner.

Be patient with yourself.

Adjusting to any new situation/environment takes time. If your homesickness persists or is interfering with academic performance or relationships, consider talking with someone at the Counseling Center.