The college experience offers new opportunities for growth as well as challenges. The MU Counseling Center provides high quality mental health services in a safe, collaborative and confidential environment where students can explore concerns and find ways to improve their academic, social and personal success.

All students are welcomed with respect and sensitivity by qualified mental health professionals who are skilled in working with a wide range of student concerns.

We also engage with the Mizzou community to enhance and uphold our shared values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.


  • Remote group and individual therapy
  • Crisis and urgent concerns
    • Please call and speak to an on call clinician prior to presenting in person.
  • Consultation services
  • Community training and support
  • More services

Contact Us

MU Counseling Center
119 Parker Hall
Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

24/7 crisis and urgent care available by phone. Call 573-882-6601.